Monday, July 16, 2012

How Much Is Too Much? TMI On Facebook...

The other day my boyfriend's friend got into a small motorcycle accident. As predicted, he posted the self portrait of himself from his hospital bed, showcasing his bumps and bruises. What we all did not expect, though, and surely no one saw coming, was the picture he posted the next morning of his balls - Yup, his balls. I'm not sure if because they were bruised he figured it would be appropriate, or if he generally just thinks it's okay to show his balls to the entire Facebook feed, but it certainly gained the attention I'm sure he was trying to get. One comment read 'Really? Some people like to have their coffee first,'

This got me thinking. There is almost a daily occurrence of me cringing at someone's post on Facebook. Whether it's a 'sexy' self portrait (with the ever predictable caption 'just me...'), someone making a vague statement about someone else in a negative fashion, and not elaborating when asked what or whom they are talking about, or the wall bomb of photos with song lyrics or something having to do with how bad their relationship is.

What's the cutoff? Where do we stop and say 'Wow, maybe this isn't something I should be posting to my 300+ friends on Facebook, half of which aren't really my friends,' I'm not saying I'm completely innocent, there have been a few emo moments where I haven't thought about what I was saying, and then later regretted it. I just think we all need to take a few moments to think before we post. Maybe the world doesn't want to see you using the F word five times in one status update. MAYBE no one cares if you're pissed off at your friend and are using
Facebook to get back at them.

Facebook is the way most people connect on a daily basis. What you're putting out there is what other people are perceiving you to be. If you are constantly swearing, talking about your period, and how crappy your life is - Who is going to want to see you in real life?

What do YOU think? Do people go overboard on Facebook? Do you un-friend, or just hide someone who's annoying? Do you confront them? Let me know!



  1. WOW. yes, that's oversharing, I would say. I've heard of parents posting their kids first use of the toilet too. Scraped knees and whatnot are okay but still kind of gross if they're super bloody.

    I tend to over share on fb but there's some stuff I definitely don't post.

  2. Wow. Wow. A picture of that? Definitely over sharing. Too funny, right before I clicked over to your blog, someone posted a picture of the nastiest blister in between their dirty toes. What are people thinking?

  3. Yes, people do go too overboard on FB. Whether its crude pictures or graphic expressions that make the person reading them say WTF!!!! Teenagers are especially bad for this. I hope the picture of this guy's balls got him some much needed ear tugging from his mother.