Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twitter Parties, Toddlers, and SparkleCorn

Okay you guys...seriously....

The only reason I finally get to write this is because Netflix finally decided to work. Thank you Dora! What a day, what a day! I had a pre-teen today along with my near three year old and my eight month old. When it comes to stress, I am not very graceful with it, I was pretty frazzled more than once today. My internet has been shoddy and I missed out on a cool Twitter Party for an invite to the SheHeard party at BlogHer. So what's a girl to do?!

Let it go and write about a sparkly outfit, that's what! lol

At BlogHer (this super cool conference for bloggers that's NEXT WEEK) there's a party called SparkleCorn...I'm still carrying around some extra baby fluff (read: I'M FAT) so it was a little depressing when all these pretty sparkly dresses didn't fit me. Everyone dresses up in SOMETHING sparkly, tutus, dresses, tops, you name it! Coming in a plain white tee and jeans is not an option. I ended up finding something that I thought was pretty awesome, especially since the conference is in New York, I thought it was quite fitting!

It's fun, sparkly, fits loosely and it was only $5! I'll take it! It only took me two hours roaming around a store called Top 2 Bottom, but hey, I found it! It was the only one they had. It must be fate.

Can you even handle these pants? Leggings that have rhinestones only on the knee area?! I don't foresee myself ever wearing these again outside of this party, but I just had to do it. Too hilarious in my book!

I tried on many pairs of shoes, but ended up with just some super plain black sparkly flats. I thought I could handle some heels, but when I rolled my ankle (Completely sober, mind you) I thought oh helll, no.

Do you ever go out of your way to get something to wear for just one night? What has been your craziest party outfit?! Comment below, I want to hear! :) 




  1. Oh man. Sparkly leggings! Hehe. I have a sparkly shirt I will be wearing but probably just with plain jeans.

    Hmm. Well in high school we had toga day for the seniors - I wore like shorts and a spaghetti-strap top underneath my toga and we all made crowns that said Seniors '05 on them. The toga stuff itself was just bed sheets and I had to pin it so it wouldn't fall off - made using the bathroom difficult too! :P

  2. I was in Nordstrom Rack with one of my best gals, and after babbling to her about Sparklecorn she starts picking up the gaudiest, most sparkly dresses I'd ever seen. And she hands them to me, demanding I "just try them on."
    So I did. And I ended up with an $11 questionably-beautiful, sparkly, silver, sequined dress.

    I can't wait to wear it (once)!

  3. Did you post the pic in the group?! I loved that dress! Sparkly crap is what I live for lol...can't wait till I'm back in shape next year so I can wear a gaudy dress!!! haha