Friday, August 10, 2012

All The Sudden I Like Oatmeal...

Isn't it funny how your tastes change? Things you used to detest as a child, you now love? Or vice versa. When I was little, there were many a Saturday mornings that my dad would fry up chicken hearts and we would eat them, much to my mother's dismay. It was our thing. Now you couldn't pay me to eat them. Though I find it funny that my daughter and boyfriend now share that same fondness for chicken gizzards...

 I'll admit, I'm completely one of those people who will say they hate something before they even try it, or automatically be disgusted as soon as I find out the contents of my food. There are a couple things, though, I may never get over. Onions and mayonnaise. Mayo, okay, I can handle that SLIGHTLY, like I can scrape it off and I'll be fine. But raw onion? Fuggedaboutit. Every time I get a Subway sandwich I can tell if there's been cross contamination with some raw onion. It ruins the whole damn thing.

Kill me...

So imagine my surprise when I wake up one morning and decide this looks good to eat:


Oatmeal has been one of those things for me. The texture, oh GOD the texture. And the blandness, but mostly, the texture. I kept looking at these little oatmeals and would think 'If I liked oatmeal, those would sound really good.'

Then I just thought I would try it today, and it's effing delicious.

I can't even tell you what's good about it. The texture? Hardly. It's just as mushy as any other oatmeal. It has raisins? Who the hell likes raisins!? Maybe it was the surprise of stirring it up and getting all the yummy goodness from the bottom. I don't know, but it was good.

Now I like oatmeal.

And yes, that's a Team Peeta sticker on my laptop. Don't hate.




  1. I like onion rings but not really raw onions. And I would not have noticed Peeta there in the background except you pointed it out! lol.

  2. That's funny. I've done that with things too. I used to hate Ranch Dressing and now I love it. I like spicier things now too. I think our taste buds change.