Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In My Next Ten Years...

This past weekend I had my ten year reunion! It was crazy to think that ten years ago we all graduated high school. I still have vivid memories from then, though I am learning that some memories are starting to fade, a sign that I am in fact, getting older. I would say I had a pretty average high school experience. It wasn't really life changing either way as far as being positive or negative. I was captain of the cheerleading squad, and yes, I dated the quarterback of the football team. But it's not what you think. It has always been my opinion that at my school there were no cliques or popular crowds in High School. We were such a small school that everyone had the same amount of friends. Sure, there were stereotypes that looking from the outside you could make those assumptions, but there was really not a lot of drama or typical high school attitudes going on. I guess we were all kind of boring lol.

My friend Faustino and I on Homecoming Court our senior year

Looking at the picture above, there are many things I miss about being that girl. I miss her smile. I miss her innocence, her happiness. I miss her ability to be so care free. I miss her ENERGY! And of course, her body! :)
I would have never guessed I'd have gone through the things I have. I have been to Hell and back in my personal life and struggle each day to make it a good one. I love the family that I have made with every bit of my soul, but sometimes life is just hard. Would I go back if I could? Probably not. I have become a stronger woman because of my experiences, and finally at nearly 30 years old, I am comfortable with who I am.

At the reunion with one of my best friends since I was 5

I appreciate the lasting friendships I've had with a lot of the people in my class. My favorite is my group of girlfriends from HS, we all had kids together around the same time, and make a point to have a playdate once a month. I love how my class can get together after so long and just click like no time has passed. Even seeing people I haven't seen since high school wasn't awkward in the least bit. It was like it was lunch time again and we were just catching up and about to head off to the next class.

In my next ten years I hope to gain more energy, get more organized, and live my life not worrying so much about what the next day will bring. Things I enjoy about the woman that I have become are her wit, her strength, her ability to be a great mother, her experience, and most of all the ability to not worry (as much) about what people think about her.

I had the best time catching up with everyone. I truly care about each and every one of them.

Here's to another ten years my friends!!!

Graduation day!!!

In Hawaii on our senior trip

With some of the class. Apparently my gang/duck face likes to come out when I drink. ;)




  1. You went to HAWAII for your senior trip?!

    (...and then I just remembered you live on the west coast. lol.)

    We went to Vegas :) it was awesome.

    I am kind of dreading my 10 year reunion actually ... I haven't really done much so far, professional-wise, but maybe in 3 years I will have. :)

  2. At my 10 year reunion mark, I was right where you are now. My life had been one struggle after another and I had to push each day just to get through. Shortly after that time though, things started to really go my way and I am completely happy with where I am now. Hear is to hoping the next 10 years go the way you want them to. Stopping by from MBC. http://www.lifewith4boys.com