Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My World Almost Fell Apart.....

This is my baby. She'll be three years old next week. She is the most beautiful, HILARIOUS, smart, and sweet little girl in the world. She is also fearless, and it scares me to death. Tonight I was taking a shower, Sawyer was asleep and I had set Ruby up to watch Dora. I locked the door as I always do and was so excited to finally get to shower after such a long day. I had just finished lathering my shampoo when I heard a squeal. It usually wouldn't alarm me except for the fact that she was alone and doesn't just do that when she's by herself. I immediately jumped out of the shower and ran out of the bathroom. I saw the door half open, my heart sunk. I yelled 'Ruby, are you okay?!!' and I heard a male voice say heart started to race and I said 'Mark?!' wasn't Mark. It was my downstairs neighbor, Brian. Ruby had unlocked the door and ran downstairs. I told him to go get her, and he brought her back up to me. 
I couldn't even scold her, I was so upset. SHE was so upset. She was bawling and saying 'awww, maaannnn!' (so cute, btw) she was saying that she just wanted to say hi to grandma. There are a lot of older ladies in the apartments, and she calls them all grandma. I think one must of had her grand kids outside because she always wants to go downstairs when she sees other kids.
If you don't have children, it might be hard to grasp why I am so upset. She could have been taken in an instant, and I would have never known where she'd gone. I would have gotten out of the shower, seen the door open, and that would be it. She'd be gone. She could have ran out in the road, anything could have happened. I have been praying all night thanking the Lord for blessing me with good neighbors and good people who knew who she was and where to take her.
Now it's 2am and I can't sleep.

Kiss your babies.




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  2. So scary!! I know the feeling, when you're picturing everything that could have happened and it's just too horrific to even understand! I found you via MBC and I'd love for you to come link up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer! TONS of fun!